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FG Diamond Burs

Ruby-USA manufacturing precision diamond tools, we use our vast technical knowledge and expertise to offer 100% controlled top quality diamond burs.
Each and every one of our burs is microscopically tested as part of our strict quality controls. This costly process allows us to offer dentists a 100% controlled bur.
The special HBN plating method ensures an even homogenized diamond surface. The mix of diamond grits, specially made for Ruby-USA offers the best possible reduction in tooth preparation procedures.

The HBN plating method ensures that there are no "bold" areas and that both the bond matrix and grit are equally distributed on the bur.
As a result minimal pressure is required on the turbine and the prepared tooth surface is left homogenized.
We use top quality Swiss made stainless steel blanks, all hardened, turned and ground for maximum precision and minimum vibration.

All the range of burs made by Ruby-USA are colour coded for quick and convenient selection by the dentist and auxiliary surgery staff.

General instructions for use of Ruby-USA Dental Diamond Burs

For the safety of user and patient, it is highly recommended that only qualified dentists should work with dental diamond burs.

Attention should be paid to speed of work (RPM). In particular when working with a large head diameter and coarse or super coarse grit size.
Using a bur with too high RPM level, could generate undesirable heat.

Do not force a bur into the turbine. In case of difficult access, check both turbine and bur. Remember! Ruby-USA dental diamond burs are guaranteed and shall be replace if found incompatible. However, special attention should be paid to instructions of use and maintenance of the turbine.

Ruby-USA's dental diamond burs are designed for several uses and are autoclavable.

Please note the FG mark on the package indicating the use in high speed turbine.

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