Company Profile

Ruby-USA is a manufacturer of high quality diamond Burs.

All burs are 100% controlled.

Each and every one of the burs is being tested under a microscope for quality control !!! This costly process allows us to offer the dentist a 100% controlled bur.

Our unique plating process ensures an even, homogenized surface using top quality diamond grits, specially made for Ruby-USA, offers the best possible diamonds for teeth grinding.

Our method ensures that there are no "bold" areas and that both the bond and the diamonds are equally distributed on the surface.
As a result minimum pressure is required on the turbine and the teeth surface is homogenized.

On addition this top quality plating results in longer life of Ruby-USA burs. We use Swiss made blanks of the highest quality: all hardened, turned and ground for maximum precision and minimum Vibration.

All Ruby-USA burs are color coded according to the grit size for easy identification of the grit by the dentist.

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